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What Fits?

Often, when a person tries on a good pair of running shoes for the first time, the pair feels great and you're ready to buy them.  It's not quite that simple. Most customers are just thinking about how much better the shoes are than what they had. They're not thinking about the different areas of each shoe and that they may not be fitting exactly the way they should. Our sales staff will make sure the shoes fit and take into account that a person's feet will likely swell during the workout.

If It Fits - Buy It?

Not yet. If the shoes fit, that will eliminate many potential problems, but every style of running shoe tries to address particular needs as well. It has to do with a person's foot-type (we're talking over-pronators, under-pronators or supinators etc.) and how one's biomechanics are affected by what the feet do. You may have bought shoes before that felt great in the store but caused problems (like knee pain) after the first mile or so. We'll help you avoid this by showing you styles designed for "your" feet. Also, certain styles are designed for lower mileage; others for marathon training. Our sales staff will determine what your foot-type is and find out what your training goals are before you try anything on

Why Us?

A visit to The Starting Line will resemble a visit to the doctor as much as it will a shopping experience. Our business has been built on repeat visits and referrals.  Some of our customers are casual runners or walkers, but many are involved in marathon training; they all appreciate the attention they receive in selecting their gear.

The Added Touch

LifeSpan treadmills are available for testing out shoes where our sales staff can watch your biomechanics in different styles to determine what is best  for your body and your goals. Trips outside to test the shoes on pavement are also recommended as part of the visit.